Is getting a second charge mortgage a good option for you?

Applications for second charges has risen month-on-month, and all the indications are that they will continue to do so. Why is that? And, are you missing out?

The uses for this variety of finance are wide as they are varied. Whether you need a new car, capital for a business investment or sending children to University, a second charge is a loan secured against your property and can solve  or your finance requirements.

In the wake of the 2008 credit crisis, mortgage lenders tightened their lending criteria. In the past, your current mortgage provider would be your first port of call and it probably still will be however, at Hayes Finance, we can give you a whole market view and offer you products that meet your needs precisely to complement your mortgage. With more lenders coming on stream, Hayes Finance can secure the most appropriate arrangement for you and your circumstances.

 What can second charge mortgages be used for:

The uses the finance from a second charge mortgage are as wide as they are varied. What lenders look at specifically is your ability and credibility to pay the funds back. How you spend it, is down to you. There’s no real scrutiny from lenders as to the why you require the finance you do. Instances of a second charge mortgage have been illustrated:

Consolidation of debt
Home improvements
Business capital investment
Vehicle purchase
Schooling and educational fees
Pony purchase

Your next steps
We hope we’ve painted a picture of the range, flexibility and how a second charge mortgage compares. They really can offer the finance you need Call Hayes Finance now on 020 3126 4898 or email: for a no obligation, free quote to see how we can help.