Understanding the role of the conveyancing solicitor

Having your finance in place to proceed with your property purchase will help avoid disappointment. However, the role of a conveyancing solicitor is similarly important. If there’s one thing you take from this piece, don’t overestimate their role in your property move!

Here Janine Heil from LeighDuncan Solicitors explains their role in concluding a successful property transaction for all their clients. A famous quotation springs to mind here: “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Instructing your choice of solicitor should be a foremost thought in your considerations.

Here we have provided a checklist for being out of the blocks swiftly once you have found the property you wish to purchase. Leigh Duncan attention to detail on your conveyancing requirements

  • Think of finding and instructing a solicitor early.
  • Your solicitor has a lot of compliance to abide by and must maintain an ongoing process of due diligence throughout your move. No stone will be left unturned to ensure your purchase is legal and thoroughly researched.
  • They will have to certify your identity and understand your finances.
  • You also have to give full information and documentation about your property which will then form part of the contract package in a sale.
  • In short, there is a lot of information to gather in advance before the conveyancing process gets properly underway.
  • A good solicitor can start the process and get you ready if you instruct them early.
  • That also allows you time to iron out any missing bits of information in conjunction with your solicitor without delaying the conveyancing process later down the line.

The truth is that each property is equally as different in its conveyancing requirements as the next. Some are refreshingly straight forward, others are more complicated but all require searches around the situation your property is in. These are all highly necessary checks that often need resolution before the funds are released.

A key word here is communication. A good solicitor will keep you fully briefed and will work with your choice of estate agent and finance provider to ensure the correct process is followed.

Building a relationship with your solicitor is also handy here. That doesn’t mean nights out, it means selecting a good solicitor, selecting them early and communicating thoroughly so all documentation can be prepared and thus mitigate any room for unnecessary diversions (wherever possible).

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