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From Tenant to Owner: How Hayes Finance Helped a Long-Time Renter Buy Her Home

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Hayes Finance continues to demonstrate its dedication to providing exceptional service to all clients, no matter how complex their situations. In this recent case, they successfully assisted a tenant in purchasing the home she had rented for years, showcasing their expertise and commitment to personalised service. This client’s journey with Hayes Finance highlights the company’s problem-solving skills, transparent communication, and the ability to turn seemingly impossible situations into success stories.

Introducing Alan

Alan Zou, a seasoned mortgage advisor at Hayes Finance, brings over 15 years of experience in the financial industry. His extensive background includes working with international clients at Knight Frank, where he specialised in helping overseas buyers navigate the UK property market. Fluent in Mandarin and deeply knowledgeable about the financial landscape, Alan’s unique skill set enables him to provide exceptional service to a diverse range of clients. His transition to Hayes Finance has allowed him to offer more personalised solutions and expand the firm’s reach into the international market.

Client Overview

A long-term tenant had been renting her home for eight years. Located near her son’s school, the property was ideal for her family’s needs. As her son was about to graduate and move on to university, she saw an opportunity to purchase the property, recognising its value as both a home and an investment.

The Challenges Faced

This client faced several challenges in her quest to buy the rented property. As a self-employed individual with a modest income, securing a mortgage was difficult. Additionally, the funds needed for the purchase were tied up in another property and stocks, making the situation more complex. The urgency was compounded by the landlord’s desire to sell the property quickly. Furthermore, many mortgage lenders required her to move out of the property during the mortgage application process, adding another layer of complexity and urgency to the situation.

Our Solution

Alan took on this case with determination. His ability to communicate in Mandarin, combined with his deep understanding of the UK financial system, positioned him perfectly to assist. Here’s how Alan and the Hayes Finance team addressed the challenges:

Leveraging Assets: Alan discovered that this client owned a mortgage-free property, which could be used to release funds for the deposit on her new home. This approach allowed her to avoid liquidating her high-performing stocks.

Creative Mortgage Solutions: By coordinating a remortgage on this client’s existing property and securing a new mortgage for the rental property, Alan ensured that this client had the necessary funds without dipping into her savings.

Clear Communication: Recognising the language barrier and the client’s unfamiliarity with mortgages, Alan provided bilingual communication, ensuring that she fully understood each step of the process. He maintained regular contact, offering reassurance and guidance throughout.

Quick Action: Given the landlord’s urgency, Alan and the team acted swiftly. They coordinated with business development managers from various lenders to find the best solution and facilitated their client’s temporary move to comply with lender requirements.

Exceptional Service and Communication

Alan’s dedication to personalised service and transparent communication was pivotal in this case. By taking the time to understand this client’s unique situation, he could offer tailored solutions that met her needs. His ability to seamlessly communicate in Mandarin helped build trust and ensured she felt supported throughout the process.

Reflecting Hayes Finance’s Values

This client’s successful purchase of her rented home is a testament to Hayes Finance’s values of integrity, commitment, and excellence. By leveraging assets creatively, maintaining clear communication, and acting swiftly, the team demonstrated their unwavering dedication to their clients’ success.

Client Feedback

This client expressed her gratitude for Alan’s support and the seamless experience provided by Hayes Finance. She appreciated the personalised service and the effort to communicate in her native language, which made her feel understood and valued. Additionally, the introducer who referred this client to Alan praised the professionalism and effectiveness of Hayes Finance in handling such a complex case.

To Conclude

Hayes Finance exceeded her expectations, providing exceptional service and support throughout this client’s home-buying journey. With their expertise, dedication, and commitment to their client’s success, Hayes Finance helped turn the dream of homeownership into a reality.

We thank our wonderful client for choosing to partner with Hayes Finance and wish her every happiness in her new home. We also appreciate the introducer’s trust in referring her to us. Such collaborations are the cornerstone of our success and our ability to deliver outstanding results for our clients.

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